About us

We are here to provide personal and quick help to our customers.

Novakemi AB has existed since 1962 and has been promoting and selling products for research and industry for many years.

Novakemi provides products within chemistry, metallurgy, ultrasonic sonicators and a considerable range of products within immunology, cell biology, microbiology and clinical research.

We are a small but flexible and efficient team – ready to help you.
Our aim is to always provide personal and quick help to our customers.

We are situated in Sollentuna – 10 minutes by car north of Stockholm City, Sweden.


Novakemi becoms Ramcon

We are pleased to announce the RAMCON acquisition of all Novakemi
activities as of December 1 2019. RAMCON will take over the distribution of the current product portfolio in the Nordic countries, and all Novakemi employees will continue in the RAMCON organisation to add to the high level of knowledge and experience on the Nordic market.
All Novakemi contracts and agreements will be honoured by RAMCON.

For more info about Ramcon: CLICK HERE

Mikael Hollmark,

Managing Director. M. Sc Chem. Eng. with 25 years experience within sales and marketing in different companies

mail: mikael.hollmark(at)ramcon.se

phone: +46 736 330 312


Susan Pyddoke

Product specialist with over 20 years of experience from the laboratory field, helps you with instruments and biological products etc.

mail: susan.pyddoke(at)ramcon.se,

phone: +46 70 390 06 95


Karin Asplund-Jäger

Administration, Supplier purchasing and make sure your orders get delivered.

mail: karin.asplund.jager(at)ramcon.se

phone: +46 70 312 56 08


Tina Csenki

Finance and administration

mail: tina.csenki(at)ramcon.se

phone: +46 76 250 62 55

Novakemi AB was founded in 1962 and since then we are promoting and selling products from many suppliers all around the world.

Products for Medical Research within Immunology and Clinical Chemistry: Monoclonal, Polyclonal and Secondary Antibodies as well as Proteins, ELISA Kits etc, Microscope slides with wells for Light Microscopy.

Chemicals, Dyes and High Purity Metals – foil, powder, wire, rods etc for both Research Laboratories and Manufacturing Industry.

Instruments Ultrasonic Sonicators (cell disruptors), UVO-Cleaners and Ozone Generators, Monitors for Ozone, CO, CO2 and other gases, CO2 Coulometers.