Chromatin/DNA Shearing

Introducing the New Q800R3 Sonicator System

The Q800R3 is our 2nd generation DNA and Chromatin shearing system. Improvements include an enhanced user-friendly design and quieter operation while remaining thousands of dollars less than the competition.

The system is compatible with commercially available sample tubes and is capable of processing up to 18 samples at one time.

Find out why customers like NIH, Harvard and Genentech have adopted our technology for use with multiple NGS platforms and see the new Illumina® technical note highlighting the Q800R3 system.

DNA and Chromatin Shearing Solutions

Qsonica offers several devices routinely used for shearing Chromatin and DNA. The Q800R system is our most advanced option and offers the highest throughput. In addition, the Q700 and Q125 are very popular and effective alternatives.

For individual samples the easiest method is to insert a small probe directly into a sample. At Qsonica, we call this direct probe sonication. Energy is transmitted from the probe directly into the sample and the entire volume is processed very quickly.

Indirect sonication is a great option for processing very small samples as well as multiple samples. Contact a Qsonica representative to find out which option is best for you.


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Customer Reviews

“We’ve been using Qsonica Q800R in our NGS library preparation pipeline for more than two years. Over that time, we processed hundreds of samples and Q800R has proven to be an exceptionally reliable machine producing consistent results with little variability from run to run. Q800R allows us to finely control the size distribution of sheared fragments. Its ability to process up to 18 samples at a time provides more than sufficient capacity for our workflow.”

Dr. Igor Antoshechkin,Caltech