Suppliers: Metals & Chemicals

Supplier Webpage Products
Alfa Aesar Webpage Ultrapure Metals: Powders, Nano-powders, Foils and Wires, Inorganic Chemicals
BioAssay Works Webpage Gold nanoparticles, Colloidal Gold, Mouse Isotyping kits
Cerac Webpage Metal Powders, Inorganic Chemicals, Evaporation Materials and Sputtering Targets
Chempur Webpage Metal Powders, Nano-Powders and Inorganic Chemicals
Goodfellow Webpage Ultrapure Metals: Powder, Foil and Wire
NBS Biologicals Webpage Chemicals, Biochemicals and Antibodies
Polysciences Webpage Monomers, Polymers, Microspheres, Products for light and electron microscopy; Embedding Resins and Molds, Stains, Dyes and Grids